The Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers (CCCF) is a Colorado based non-profit organization that is affiliated with CFA (the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.), Gulf Shore Region (Region 3).

The Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers produces one CFA Allbreed, Household Pet and Junior Showmanship cat show each year.  The show is held in Loveland Colorado.

The Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers' objectives shall be:

  • To encourage the breeding to standard of both the longhaired and the shorthaired cats;
  • To hold shows and promote interests in and knowledge of cats through educational information;
  • To cultivate sentiments of friendship and common interest among the members, and
  • To advance in every way possible the interests of breeders and exhibitors and to promote the welfare of all cats.
  • To promote a spirit of cooperation between the club and the Larimer County Animal Shelter and Community at large and
  • To encourage responsible pet ownership and care of all animals.

If you have any questions about the Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers cat club or would like information about future cat shows please email

The Maine Coon Cat

Considered the first native American longhair, the Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.  And a number of fascinating legends add to its charm.  Today, it is believed that the Maine Coon Cat descended from matings between shorthaired American cats and longhairs brought from overseas either Angoras used as rat catchers by New England seamen or ancestors of the Norwegian Forest Cat brought by the Vikings.  Maine Coons are as well loved for their personalities as for their rugged good looks.  These Down East, down-home cats are robust, peaceable and gentle.  Playful and unfailingly good-natured, this cat remains kittenish throughout its life the perfect pet for active families.

GC, BW, NW, TruTails Court Jester

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